We were so over the moon when our beloved Azrael, who had had a long and bumpy journey with us, was finally adopted after 494 days at the shelter! We have had two updates so far, and it certainly seems as though Azzie has found his person and is settling in more and more each day.
“Azzie has gained full confidence inside his own safe room. I’ve been bribing him with food, so now he looks forward to me coming in, meowing and rubbing against me and stuff.
This very morning I’m opening the door to the rest of the house – he’s traumatised stepping out but immediately feels confident once retreating back to his safe room.
I’ve bought multiple cat houses, and cocoons and place them all over the house so he can hide if required. I have 2 litter boxes and sprayed feliway all over the house. Hopefully he will get there.
Right now, I’m giving him treats (his own kibble) right outside the room so he can associate the outside with good things also. The rest of the house is spacious and has a lot of sunlight, he’ll be much happier once he realises but he still has major trust issue.”
“Azzie jumped on my lap and fell into a deep sleep tonight. He’s getting better.”