Bella Update

Bella Update!

You may remember just over a month ago, we asked for your help to raise the funds for the treatment of Bella’s hyperthyroidism!

After battling with poor health for some time, Bella had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism only to discover that the medication that is widely used to manage the condition caused unpredictable complications and had to be stopped immediately.

Bella’s only other option at a healthy life was a costly one-off treatment.

We reached out for assistance from our incredible community and were so overjoyed to receive so many generous donations that almost completely covered the cost of the treatment!

We quickly booked her in and off she went to the specialist! Because of the nature of the treatment, Bella unfortunately had to spend the week at the clinic, but the staff were lovely enough to send us daily updates on how she was going!

She is now back at the shelter and is visibly feeling better and better every day and has been enjoying soaking up the sunshine and fresh air when the weather is nice enough.

We honestly can’t thank those of you who made a donation enough. Big or small, every contribution helped to ensure not only that Bella can live a happy and healthy life without the burden of her condition, but also greatly increases her chances at finding her forever home!

On behalf of Bella and everyone at Blue Cross, THANK YOU!