“Honey has slotted in PERFECTLY to our family, as if she was always here with us.

The kids, hubby and I absolutely adore her, Honey has the sweetest nature, is very affectionate and just needed a family to give her as much love as she has to give.

Honey is very active during her three walks per day, she sniffs everything and loves to say hi to the other dogs and people walking by, she has SO much love for life.

At home, Honey runs in the yard with the kids and plays tug of war and catches the ball.

When Honey is inside, she sits with us on the couch and basically follows me everywhere I go, she is a beautiful companion.

Our 10-year-old says that she always has the biggest smile on her face, which is true.

I don’t think that we can find the words to express how much we love Honey, and we wanted to say thank you.”