5 years 2 months

Name: Bowie
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Grey and White
Size: Large
Approx DOB: 13/12/2018
Gender: Male
Admitted: 02/09/2022
Microchip number: 956000009503537
Adopt Fee: $150
Source number: BR102415


⛔️Urgent Home Needed for Bowie⛔️
@followers we are in need of a very special and super cat-savvy person who is willing to give our big boy Bowie a chance.
Bowie was first surrendered to Blue Cross in December of 2020. Between then and now, he has been adopted and returned to us not one, but two times due to his temperamental behaviour. Had he been at any other shelter, we’re sure he wouldn’t have been given a third chance, but we held onto hope that there was someone out there who would love Bowie for who he is, attitude and all.
Since being returned the second time, Bowie has been at the shelter for well over a year, but in total, has been in a shelter for roughly 765 days of his life.
Though we do our best, shelters are not designed for animals to stay such lengthy periods of time, and we are concerned about Bowie’s quality of life the longer he is here.
This big, beautiful boy can be quite social when it’s on his terms, and quite often enjoys sitting on your knee and having some pats.
Despite being a big tough boy, Bowie is actually quite timid of unfamiliar noises and environments, which can cause him to be a bit on-edge. It’s that relatively small percentage of the time where he’s feeling a bit uncertain (or just in a bad mood) that his attitude comes out, and he can be a bit intimidating to some people.
Though he makes his displeasure known, it’s mostly just a lot of noise – warning you that he’s not in the mood – that generally doesn’t go beyond a swipe if you don’t listen to him.
He really needs someone who isn’t going to be put off by his attitude, and will be able to get to know him and understand when to give him space. Ideally, he would enjoy having access to a secure outdoor area and a home where he can have his own space and come to you for company when he feels like it.
Bowie will need a home with only adults and no other pets.
If you think you have the guts to give Bowie the best chance at a happy life, please give us a call on 9722 1265 to book an appointment to meet him.


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