1 year 10 months

Name: Chase
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Colour: White
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 12/07/2022
Gender: Male
Admitted: 04/04/2024
Microchip number: 956000013337352
Adopt Fee: $500
Source number: BR102415


The lovely Chase is hoping to find himself a loving family!
Chase is a very people-focused boy who loves his humans more than anything and would be suited to a home with humans aged 16 and over. He will be a very loyal family dog for whoever is lucky enough to call him theirs.
He would really appreciate if he didn’t have to be without his humans for too long each day, so requests that his owners can either take him with them to work, or don’t work full-time hours.
Though he is quite happy to have short interactions with other dogs, Chase will need to be a single pet in his new home. He will also need an experienced dog owner who will be able to provide him with the guidance he requires.
Chase was born deaf! He has been doing really well learning some sign-language while at the shelter, and would appreciate if his new owners continued his training so that they can understand each other.
If you think Chase sounds like he could be your new furry family member, please fill out the application form linked below and return it to us at


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