3 years 10 months

Name: Dolly
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Colour: Red
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 12/08/2020
Gender: Female
Admitted: 06/05/2024
Microchip number: 956000013080651
Adopt Fee: $500
Source number: BR102415


This sweet little lady is ready to meet her new family!
Dolly is quite unsure when meeting new people, but once you win her over, she’s a fantastic little companion who loves to be close to her person – quite often taking up her favourite position on your lap and enjoying some scratches.
Dolly will require multiple meets at the shelter before she will be comfortable enough to go home with you, and will need an adult-only home. She would also prefer to have at least one of her humans home to keep her company a lot of the time. Dolly may not mind the company of another dog, but much prefers humans as her companions. She has shown some food guarding around other dogs at the shelter, so would need to be managed around food if she were to share her home with another dog.
Dolly is a huge foodie and is quite active. She really is a busy little lady, and would be much better suited to a house with a small yard than an apartment. She also really enjoys going on her daily walks but does, however, have a high-grade luxating patella on one leg, which will require surgery in the future.
If you would like to meet little Dolly, please fill out the application form linked below, and return it to us at


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