1 year 10 months

Name: Magic
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Black
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 26/07/2022
Gender: Male
Admitted: 24/07/2023
Microchip number: 956000011476317
Adopt Fee: $150
Source number: BR102415


Magic has realised his dream of becoming a farm cat! 👨‍🌾
Being cooped up in a shelter for 10 months has confirmed what Magic has always suspected – he is much more suited to a life in the country than the big city. What he now dreams of for his future is a nice, big property or farm where he can spend his days exploring and hunting critters, then retire at the end of the day to his barn or family, feeling satisfied after a day of honest work.
Magic is used to humans and is generally very friendly, though with a lack of stimulation can become unpredictable and has been known to bite. We think that he would be a fantastic farm cat and would love to have the freedom and stimulation this kind of home would provide. He would also be easy to handle should he need a visit to the vets, or to be kept indoors at night.
If you or anyone you know may be able to provide Magic with the home of his dreams, please give us a call on 9722 1265 to make an appointment to meet him.


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