“Terra has settled in very nicely – from the minute we got her home she was so comfortable and snuggly and just absolutely loves us! We also adore her so much – especially her temperament, and are very much enjoying her company and the constant laughs when she runs crazily around the house! The kids play with her everyday – her favourite toy is the fishing rod, a cat tunnel, and a red woollen ball.
We have just finished making her an outside cat enclosure where she can come and go as she pleases to enjoy some fresh air but also has free roam of the house whenever she likes also. (Although we have had 4 x little wee accidents on our beds – but I’m thinking that’s to just mark her scent!)
She keeps me company when I work from home by laying on top of the couch near my workstation when the kids are at school. She is always inquisitive on what we are doing and follows us around constantly (gets under our feet a lot) and loves cuddles anytime she can get it. She also loves sitting with the kids and having some downtime watching them watch their tablets.” 💙